Project Overview

Kiddie Kloud are a new business with an online shop selling items for parents, future parents and their children. They sell a wide range of items from prams, car seats and nursery furniture, to a range of toys and clothes for children of all ages.

The Brief

Kiddie Kloud wanted an upmarket yet playful e-commerce site which would stand out from their competitors. They wanted a site which was sophisticated without being too corporate, yet successfully communicating the fun nature of their product range to appeal to their target market's needs. Our magento site was chosen to give our designers greater freedom to achieve this vision and to provide an optimum shopping experience for their customers.

Services Rendered

Website Overview

The Solution

Overall the site is clear, clean-looking and easy to navigate, meaning that customers can easily find the desired products and make a purchase quickly and easily.

What our website experts say

We created a logo using a playful typeface and imagery of a smiley face and a cloud, to represent the brand identity in a visually appealing way. For the website, we continued the fun feel by using design elements like the animated clouds which move across the screen. The colour scheme chosen brings to mind the typical colours used when purchasing for a newborn or infant, giving the site a familiar feel to the target market.

Branding Overview

The Solution

We created a logo mark for Kiddie Kloud that represents the products that build their brand - fun, innovative products for both parent and baby. We took into consideration the colour palette as this has a significant impact on our target audience.This led us to bright versions of pink and blue as products for younger audiences contain large blocks of bright colours. Young children prefer these colours and respond more positively than they would pastel colours or muted blends. We also crafted a child's face within the text as well as placing the Kiddie Kloud icon above the text to represent hair on a child's head. Concentrating on every single aspect of the build, down to simple decisions like colour choice or placement of text have allowed the team to position the brand as a stand out leader within its market.

What our Branding experts say

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