Project Overview

Windy Arbour Farm Shop is a family run business selling fresh produce out of Windy Arbour Farm. The shop was founded in 1974 and since then, it has continued to offer a huge range of freshly grown produce for its customers. Windy Arbour wanted their new website to accurately represent their passion and enthusiasm for locally-sourced, fresh fruit and veg and allow their customers to easily purchase their produce.

The Brief

Windy Arbour were looking for a new website for their farm shop, as their existing one was very outdated. For the new site, they required functionality for the customer to be able to submit an order online for their Freshbox deliveries, as well as a place to share news and events. The 10 page website package was recommended in order to fulfil the full brief, but the design also required additional functionality to ensure all the features needed by the client were in place.

Services Rendered

The Process

Website Overview

The Solution

Windy Arbour already had a strong brand identity, which meant there was a good starting point to design something which would accurately represent their brand values. We utilised the professional photography they provided, to give a more personal feel to the site, and show the actual produce on offer.

What our website experts say

The end product was a very clean design, which encompassed all the features the client needed, gave potential customers all the information they needed about the farm shop and the produce, and also showcased the imagery of the produce so customers could see what they were buying.