Project Overview

Brick & Lime are specialist suppliers of natural building and decorating materials, such as brick, tiles and slate. Brick & Lime deal with a huge range of products and specialise in handmade or reclaimed products, which help to keep the character of your property or listed building. They needed a visually appealing website to showcase their supplies and products.

The Brief

Brick & Lime needed to ensure that their products and services were clear to their potential customers. They wanted to create a site that was easy to navigate and accurately represented the type of work they provide. Our 10 page website package was chosen as the best fit, to allow focus on case studies, client testimonials, product lists and more information about the company.

Services Rendered

Website Overview

The Solution

The 10 page website was created with simple and clear navigation, to help Brick & Lime's customers to easily find the information they're looking for. High-quality images were used on the site to reflect the type of properties and listed buildings that Brick & Lime specialise in, as well as the handmade and natural materials the company provides.

What our website experts say

The overall design is clean and user friendly, drawing focus to the huge range of products and services offered by the business.