Project Overview

CJS Roofing is a dedicated team of experienced roofers who have been maintaining the roofs of Stockport and surrounding areas of South Manchester for almost two decades. They originally started their online journey with our entry package of a 2 page website, but they felt they needed a larger and more informative website to showcase their services and the quality of their work. The company has an immense portfolio of work, but the team have never taken any images of the work they have done.

The Brief

EMS Internet needed to deliver a website that promotes the firm as a team of excellent building professionals. The website also needed to promote their services whilst also being appealing to visitors.

Services Rendered

Website Overview

The Solution

Without any images to portray their work visually, our focus had to turn to written content which is a service we supplied to our client and is tailored the style to suit their target audiences. The package chosen included some elements of Search Engine Optimisation, however as the construction industry is very competitive we advised the client to consider increasing the amount of SEO to boost the number of visitors and raise their rankings on search engine results. The customer now has a responsive website that meets their needs and has high visibility in the search engine results.

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