Project Overview

A&A Sports are official stockists of brand name sportswear from market leading sports brands across the world. They offer a large variety of clothing to suit customers of varying budgets, providing a range of footwear, sporting equipment and accessories for men, women and children - all at competitive prices which beat many other high-street retailers.

The Brief

A&A Sports wanted a professional website to rival those of the larger sports brand retailers and improve their online presence. Our client's ultimate aim was to increase the amount of online purchases made, and having a robust, functional and aesthetically pleasing website was seen to be equally as important as having a great range of products. With the ever-increasing usage of mobile phones for browsing the web, A&A Sports also wanted to ensure that their content and product range was accessible across platforms and devices. Their aim is to ensure their reach is as wide as possible and bring their customers products on-demand.

Services Rendered

Website Overview

The Solution

Our designers gave the A&A website a simple interface with dynamic colours associated with sportswear and fitness. The visuals on the website, from the logo to the user interface, perfectly compliment the range of products available. The colour scheme used is relatively understated so that attention is not detracted from the products on offer, and is reflective of colours used by sports brands in their clothing and footwear. The imagery used was chosen carefully to advertise the products and categories they corresponded to, with the aim of enticing customers to visit each section on the site and make a purchase.

What our website experts say

A&A Sports was a really fun brand to work with. The key stance taken whilst in the design stages was to let substance rule over style. We specifically designed each section of the site to target different actions a user would take, whether it was viewing an item they'd viewed 20 minutes ago or simply browsing a new product. The user interface paired with the dynamic colour scheme has created something quite special and lets the products speak for themselves.