Project Overview

iPegs is a mobile application that has been created to reduce the use of paper by utilising tablet devices to create questionnaires, attendance registers, time-sheets and custom forms that can be completed on the device itself. iPegs was a completely new brand who approached EMS Internet and our sister company Appitized to deliver a full online solution.

The Brief

When EMS Internet was approached by iPegs they had already developed their logo and brand identity, we worked with their designs to develop their app and website. The brief was to develop an impressive promotional site for the app to ensure it gained maximum exposure. A simple site was required, it had to be corporate without being too clinical and overly clean.

Services Rendered

Website Overview

The Solution

The use of colour was key, as the pre-set colours of the brand needed to be strategically incorporated and give the impression of an Apple-like advertising campaign. Our designers focused the design around the app itself and put together a colourful, clean and effective design, using the imagery of tablets being held by hands alongside screen shots of the app to showcase its capabilities. The homepage includes a QR code which links to the app, providing a quick and easy way to download the application. We designed the 'Features' page, true to the traditional Apple style, with alternating app screen shots and text to accompany each one. Our developers created a sophisticated user area within the website that links directly to the app, allowing easy management and the integration of users' accounts from the website. The two are linked together directly via an API.

What our website experts say

As a designer, working with a new brand is an exciting thing to do and iPegs hits the nail on the head. iPegs gave us the freedom to get a little more creative and break the boundaries with the designs we produced. We tried to create something, funky, edgy but also quite corporate and, as with any app promotional site, it was a stimulating project.