Project Overview

Cheshire's oldest public house, the Rose 'N Crown Chophouse and Hotel was established in 1641 and offers diners and drinkers a unique, traditional experience. Their cosy, fire-lit restaurant and bar offers dishes made with local ingredients and their range of rooms suits all requirements and party sizes.

The Brief

Being a historic location, it was important for the Rose 'N Crown's website to reflect their values and traditions while also providing a modern layout which would appeal to a digital generation. It was essential that the style of this historic establishment was successfully conveyed to visitors of the site to give potential customers a way to experience the atmosphere of the pub before they even set foot in the door.

Services Rendered

Website Overview

The Solution

Our designer mixed a contemporary website style with classic visuals by pairing Victorian styling with modern web design features. To capture the history of this establishment, a predominantly greyscale colour scheme was chosen, giving the home page a visual impact reminiscent of an old black and white photograph. Only the main header image initially displays colour, which draws attention to the spectacular looking dish being displayed. As an extra modern and interactive touch, when the user hovers over other hyperlinked photographs, they become fully-coloured images, which encourages the user to click the link and further explore the site.

What our website experts say

Icons were created to match the Tudor styling of the establishment. We pulled some of the furnishing into a digital format to welcome guests to the establishment. A chalkboard style was also created with chalk drawings to inject some fun into the brand.