Project Overview

St Helens RLFC is a world-famous professional rugby team from the North West of England. Established in 1873, they have won over 50 major trophies, becoming league champions on 12 occasions and runners-up a further 12 times. St Helens has a large and dedicated fan-base, who interact with and support the club in a number of different ways, including online.

The Brief

St Helens RLFC approached us for a new, updated online presence. Their current website had become dated, plain and less interactive over time. Saints wanted to provide their fans with a more engaging, unique and memorable browsing experience, and create a website that rivalled that of other rugby teams. The new website needed to reflect the energetic and boisterous nature of the game, but be clear and usable enough that fans could interact with the website conveniently and efficiently. The site needed to offer engaging content such as fixtures, a fan zone and team bios, therefore we needed to come up with the best and most creative way to display that information and interact with fans.

Services Rendered

Website Overview

The Solution

Our Graphic Design team worked with Saints to create a bespoke design and layout for the website, which would be easy to navigate and visually stimulating while fitting in with the company's brand. Colours used were predominantly red, yellow, white and black, which is in line with the club's existing logo and identity. Images of players and large icons were used to draw attention to prominent areas of the site, encouraging fans to interact with the club and allowing them to find the desired information. Some of the areas of the site such as the Fixtures & Match Centre featured designs reminiscent of web apps to create a more engaging design for fans to interact with, rather than a page of text for them to read. Other pages featured on the site include Club News, Fixtures and Team Information. There is also an online shop which allows users to make purchases, which was also designed and created by EMS Internet.

What our website experts say

We were privileged to refresh Saints' brand which already had a clear style set. With a busy site, we instilled order and a sense of excitement to the club. The bold font headlines and dynamic colour scheme were paired with rough textures and dramatic rollover effects to create a lively visual experience for Saints fans.