Responsive Web Design

Say goodbye to separate mobile, tablet and PC websites, and hello to a single site that works on all devices

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design refers to the practice of creating a website that automatically responds to the size of the screen to work on any web-enabled device, from the smallest smartphone to the largest smart TV, eliminating the need for separate sites for each platform.

To see a responsive website in action for yourself, please watch the video.

What are the benefits of a Responsive Website?

A responsive website:

  • Eliminates the need for separate mobile, tablet and PC sites
  • Saves time, as your site's content and design only need to be updated in one place
  • Ensures all content and functionality is available on any web-enabled device
  • Enables visitors to do what they need to do on your website
  • Improves user experience, as content is available on all devices
  • Boosts visibility on search engines as it's easier to rank a single site
  • Can help generate more traffic and revenue, as the format is preferred by many users and search engines like Google

Having your website available on any device, anywhere, will allow more customers to reach your business.

You wouldn't put the phone down on mobile callers, so why would you want to lose mobile visitors?

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